It is estimated that (AC) electric motors consume greater than 47% of Australia and New Zealand’s electricity demand. These motors are inherently efficient when fully loaded but are very inefficient and wasteful when intermittently or partially loaded. Many motors used in industrial applications are operated under these intermittent or partial loaded conditions. Consequently, these motors are wasting energy and are placing an unnecessary burden on power infrastructures.

MOTORWISE® products are designed for voltages ranging from 240VAC single-phase motors to 415VAC three-phase motor applications, providing the consumer an option to select the unit ideally suitable for their needs.

MOTORWISE® is an AC motor controller used to manage and optimize the power delivered to electric motors. MOTORWISE® units identify partial and intermittent loading conditions and reduce the motor’s voltage to an optimal level. This eliminates waste in the form of heat, noise, and vibration while maintaining proper operation. A variety of models are available to best suit specific needs.

MOTORWISE® units include a soft-start feature that allows a motor to go from rest to full speed in a controlled and managed fashion. This feature reduces mechanical stresses on the motor and any attached equipment. The soft-start feature also reduces the high demand penalty cost charged by utility companies.

The MOTORWISE® product line can be applied to almost any application where AC electric motors are used, ranging from mining and process manufacturing to artificial lifting for the oil industry.

  • Suitable for any static speed variable load A/C motors.

  • Reduces electricity consumption (on or off grid).

  • Reduces motor wear and tear.

  • Extends plant life.

  • Can assist in reducing demand charges from energy providers.

  • Reduces carbon footprint.


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